The Mystery behind the (eggplant pic)



I know its happened to you, you opened your Facebook messenger or maybe it was kindly dropped in your DM like a gift and there it was a giant or tiny dick right in your face. I know many girls who have discovered the feeling of blah. The awkwardness in your head like “why would he do that to me?” yes <– that repetitive question you keep asking yourself. why?! why?!

We all wonder why. Well i figured it out. I asked men WHY?!?!?, men from all over the world. I also took the liberty of asking the female side. So here it is. In HARD copy and SOFT whichever way you like it better.

The perfect read for those poohs that always leave you with nothing to do.



That eggplant though /:

If you would like to be in my next book. Totally undercover of course. Hit me with your story down below.

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