Don’t BELIZE it.

Recently in February, i headed to Belize. Upon arrival, we stayed in Belize City. I was in awe from the taxi ride from the airport to our hotel. Everywhere you looked there was construction going on because of the recent hurricane that hit before we came. There were no rules to the driving and at times I felt like this is how my life will end (a car crash in Belize) LOL but that obviously wasn’t the case. We made it safe checked in and right away headed out to explore the city.

We had an amazing Taxi driver (sadly I forget his name.) He drove us around the small city first hitting up all the Belize signs which I really wanted to see and to each restaurant, he thought we might like since we were looking for some traditional Belize food.  We decided to eat at Birds Eye. The food is traditional, right on the water. You sit under a huge straw hut building and are served some of the best rum drinks. The Belize people are beyond friendly, humble people.

The next day we headed to Bocawina which is the national rainforest in Belize. We spent 3 amazing days here. We did everything we could from hiking to waterfalls, seeing the Mayan ruins, zip lining through the jungle and headed to the small town called Hopkins where we ate traditional Mayan food and watched the locals dance.


After enjoying three peaceful nights in the rainforest. We headed to the island Tobacco Caye. I can not explain enough how beautiful this little island is. To get there we had to take a small plane, then hop on a boat ride for 30 minutes to get to this white sand conch covered island…


After checking in to our little huts on the ocean we headed straight to lunch to eat the fresh fish that was caught that day and mingle with the people that will be sharing the island with us. After lunch, we decided to explore the little island then grab our snorkeling gear and head out. Little did we know we were going to see 10-15 huge string rays right off the deck.  If you didn’t already know Belize has the second longest barrier reef in the world.  As we swam we saw many fish, conch, and stingrays and this was just our first day. On the island, there is a little bar called the Reefs End. Where we met some awesome people including the owner and our dive instructor Eric, who was taking us out the next day for my very first dive. Diving in Belize was a huge growing experience for me. Being 50 ft under water is an eye opener to another world full of so much life that we seem to look over. Some of the beautiful things we saw while under where schools of fish, a huge crab, and my favorite was a lion fish. The way every piece of it moved was magical, and now getting my diving certificate is going on the before I get too old list.

Overall I fell in love with Belize from the rainforest to the ocean to the people and the food. You better Belize it was good good good!


Thank you, Belize. I definitely will be back again.

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