Viva la Mexico

Mexico started out as any vacation would. You land and head straight for food and drinks. I headed to La Parilla located in the heart of Cancun. The food was amazing and the drinks were even better. Next stop Playa Del Carmen.

In Playa Del Carmen I hit the Airbnb, then headed straight back out. 5-minute walk to the 5th Ave and I will be in arm’s length of anything I could need. I walked and walked until I found the best place to get some more drinks. Where I ended up having some of the best pomegranate margaritas any girl could wish for. ( i wish I remembered the name of this place but the alcohol consumed seemed to have fogged up my memory. ) After getting tipsy and stumbling away I headed to the beach where I stumbled barefoot into the warm Caribbean Sea. What do I do next you might ask, but of course,  I went and found some really good night life.  I drank at Coco Bongo, Tequila Barrel, and Dirty Martini Lounge after realizing the time I stumbled off to find myself a cab to take me back to my place. When getting out of the cab I saw my neighbor was street tacos (which were by far the most memorable tacos I have ever had, not sure if they tasted so good because I was drunk or because they were just that good but I will never forget them) so I ordered 3 of those and off to bed I went. Day 2 in Playa was just as exciting. Hit the ocean and bought a Cabana for the day where I took the jet ski out on the ocean for an hour. That evening I ended up walking the streets of 5th Ave again. I can’t tell you enough how amazing this place is I walked until I heard the beautiful sound of salsa music where I ended up staying watching couples dance. Later on, I walked into a hookah bar which is where I spent my last hours in Playa before heading to the white Beaches of Tulum.

On the way to Tulum the next day I stopped at a few different Cenotes which I highly suggest Dos Ojos and Azul.


After leaving the Cenotes it was time to finally get to Tulum where the beaches are so white it hurts your eyes. My first night in Tulum I headed out to an amazing restaurant called Kitchen table which I highly recommend. Also if you’re into spicy then make sure to hit up Mezzanine, you won’t regret their habanero margarita. Waking up the next day I headed toward the turtles. Where I swam with those beautiful but massive things for a good hour. The rest of my trip in Mexico was spent relaxing and enjoying what this beautiful place has to offer.

If you have a chance to visit Mexico please do. It is beyond perfect and full of crazy amounts of beauty.


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