San Francisco 

Growing up just 45 minutes from San Francisco was a true blessing in disguise. I wouldn’t have known that as a kid but as an adult I am in awe by it. I love most everything about it from the people to the food just basically how it’s a melting pot for anything and everything. You can come here and strictly be yourself and other people will not look twice at you. Let’s just say I miss it.

As of the age of 22, I basically lived there. It was the start of my modeling and the beginning of a life I never thought I would have. It pushed me out of my comfort zone to levels I can’t barely even describe. It showed me that you should accept every person as they are and it taught me how to fall in love with people, places, and ideas. I owe my entrepreneurial mind to this city and the beautiful minds that live there. I could walk into a bar and hear about people’s apps, the start of their creative careers while having some of the best cocktails.

As of night life, it’s top notch. I am not a club person. You will rarely catch me out and rarely ever at a club. The lounge life is for me and that’s what San Francisco has to offer. From bars that are underground to bars with glowing books to bars hidden behind books. I know the best spots and every spot with a photo booth. (True story)

When it comes to food San Francisco won’t let you down. From French to Italian to Mexican even Tapas all to die for. I could go on about this magical place and the people I have met here, but you will have to explore it for yourself to truly understand the magic San Francisco holds.

Don’t be shy, reach out if you ever are there and need some places to go. I know many and won’t leave anything out.

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  1. Joel Saldana says:

    I would love to learn more about app investing

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