I knew from a young age I wanted more than to build someone else’s dream. I started working at 16 years old, by 19 I was making thousands a month with affiliate marketing until it ended in a pyramid scheme shut down (then started waitressing) I wish I was as self-taught as I am now. If I only knew a little bit about money, investing and savings than as I do now I would already be where I want to be in life. Instead, I spent all my money on small trips, clothes, and nice things.

A few years ago I started modeling and the money started to build back up. Instead of watching tv or endless weekends drinking I started stocking up and putting my money to things that could continuously make me money. I knew that beauty would fade and that there should still be something to show for it in the long run. Now I spend all my free time reading. I average at least 2 books a month on self-improvement or things I feel like I should be more educated in. I’ve always been an entrepreneur, but it doesn’t come easy I work hard, very hard and sometimes catch myself in ruts. Crying because an investment isn’t working the way I thought it would or having miscommunications with the people that work for me. I’ve always been one for stability and organization and I think as an entrepreneur I am still grasping that this life is a graph. It goes up and down. It’s not supposed to be easy or more people would do it. At the age of 25, I had 4 different sources of income coming in.

  • Published 2 books
  • 4 apps
  • Facebook advertising
  • Modeling

My goal is to get to 7, almost there (;

All these investments are small. I make decent money, but not as much as I want to. It’s my goal by 27 to reach real estate which I feel is the highest level of investing you can reach. I also want to raise what’s above to higher levels. I’m still in beginner stage of all of these. The possibilities and earnings are endless.

Now you know more about me than what you see in my pictures.

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  1. Keith says:

    You have a beautiful mind! Very motivated towards an abundance of goals and it’s awesome to feel the fire that drives you forward.

    You’re going to be very successful in everything that you put your mind towards. You never let your past or roots hold you back. You bathed in the earth and turned those roots into a wonderful tree of wisdom.

    Knowledge is power. When you lace knowledge with that burning drive of yours people will feel your contagious energy and you will help others rise to your level with you. You’re a loving person and have an amazing heart, with a desire to see the world and acquire more cultural knowledge. People can’t learn the skill set you’ve taught yourself. It can’t be read in a book or taught in school.

    I believe in everything you do, and always will. Can’t wait to see everything you accomplish. Thanks for sharing your mindset Michelle 😉

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