Lyon, France

Lyon is a beautiful city just south of Paris. There you can find amazing food, beautiful streets and great shopping. I only spent a few days in the city but saw so many amazing things. I arrived in the evening time by train (which is 2hrs from Paris) on a Saturday night and left on Monday evening. I definitely suggest trying the hot wine and getting lost in the small streets. There is also a cake there called praluline that you have to try! It looks sweet but it really isn’t.

Below I added some of the restaurants, bars, and places that I visited and loved.

I highly suggest just roaming the streets you will find some very beautiful small streets, also one of my favorite places I visited was the cathedral its beauty was way more than I expected. If you have time to get a drink head to l’antiquaire!

Colorful streets of Lyon, France

Place Des Jacobins

Rue Merciere

Theatre Gallo Romain 



  • Le Layon – amazing tartare, frog legs and oysters it has a modern fine dining feel to it without all the fine dining prices.
  • La Peche aux moules – mussels and fries one of my favorite meals also very inexpensive for what you’re getting. it has a cute by the ocean charm on the inside with a center bar piece.


  • l’antiquaire – honestly one of the most amazing bars I have ever been to. it had that speakeasy vibe. drinks took awhile to get but once I received mine I knew why. These drinks are perfectly made and taste way better than they look.  (pic below)
  • Labo Music Bar – great live music! drinks were okay but the live music makes it worth the trip. there’s also a hidden room downstairs if you go through the curtains. (;

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