Rome, Italy

When I originally booked Rome I didn’t get the very excited buttery fly feeling you get when you’re about to go somewhere you’ve never been, but let me tell you Rome is so magical. I couldn’t believe the things hiding behind every corner. The architecture there is to die for. My favorite being the Trevi Fountain. I was there for 5 days and walked every inch of that place, found some of the most amazing gems whether it was architecture, food, gelato or shopping there was always something beautiful to find.

Arch of Constantine


Museum of the Capital– I am usually not a museum person but I really wanted to check this one out more so for the myth of Remus and Romulus. I fell in love with the ceilings though as you can see from my pictures. They are all so different and amazing.

Random beautiful finds

The Pantheon– This building is a site to see. its old architecture is beautiful and don’t forget to go inside and check out the ceiling.

Trevi Fountain– This was my all time favorite. it was surrounded by people of course so it made it hard to really enjoy but the beauty!! oh-my-gawd. What I loved about this is that I was just walking around Rome when I found it, before coming to Rome I knew if I saw anything I wanted it to be this fountain.

Piazza Venezia- Amazing all around. Walk this place there are beautiful views on every side.


The Colosseum– It’s a 7 wonder of the world, you cant go wrong.

Colorful streets of Rome


  • Cybo in Piazza- this restaurant has great views (picture above) but pretty expensive for what you’re getting.
  • Tora Sushi- If you ever get tired of the amazing pizza/ pasta dishes that Rome has to offer than I highly suggest trying this place. Amazing food!
  • Grazia and Graziella- Another great pizza place to add to your list. Right in Trastevere.
  • Al Fratte di Trastevere- One of my favorite I went to in Rome. Also, the place that made me fall in love with Pannacotta.  Also not too expensive.
  • That’s Amore- Great Lasagna and Pasta!
  • L’Orso 80 – Great hidden Gem I fell in love with their vegetable appetizer. Also amazing service.
  • Obica – Probably the best place I went for Pizza. They also have a mozzarella bar and their meats are amazing! Definitely, try this place if you can.



  • Meccanismo- Great place to grab a cocktail.
  • Fortunato-  Loved this place. Coming from Napa I was surprised to see a wine on tap service where you put in a card press a button and wine at your service. its fun if you just want to play around and taste a few things. Also, order the meat and cheese plate it is soooo good!!
  • Shari Vari- Amazing nightclub. Great music, drinks, and atmosphere. It does get a bit crowded so be prepared.


Gelato: You cant go to Rome without trying it.

  • Giolitti – Busy place, I tried many but this was my all-time favorite. the small is an extra large so keep that in mind.




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  1. vipin uniyal says:

    beautifully described..

    Love from india

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