Paris, France

Everyone I feel has a dream of visiting this beautiful city, and it really is as much of a dream as you think it would be. The food is amazing, the city is easy to get around, the architecture you can see over and over again and never get tired of it.

It can get expensive but it’s worth it. Go enjoy yourself and think of nothing but indulging in the Parisian life. Before arriving here I have never been on a subway but I took it multiple times a day, and I still have no idea how people make it look so easy. Haha, it really is a maze down there, but I found it fun.

Upon arrival, I headed straight to the Eiffel Tower for dinner! From there I’ll let the pictures speak for me.

Eiffel Tower 

I enjoyed a great dinner in the Eiffel Tower if you have the time I recommend making reservations and heading up there. It’s an all-inclusive meal that comes with wine, appetizer, main course, and dessert. Its located on the 58th floor. REALLLYY WORTH IT!


Place de la Concorde 

La Boulangerie – You better believe I ate a baguette every day. Oh and a ham and cheese on a baguette (;

Arc De Triomphe 

Paris has a totally different take on coffee than we do in the USA. They sit and enjoy their coffee whereas I feel like we always like to take ours to go and run.

Le Louvre 



City Hall 


La Fromagerie- You see those really moldy ones in the back? EEK

Eiffel Tower

One of the cutest restaurants I have ever been in.

Streets of Montmartre


  • Eiffel Tower- tickets here are expensive but they include your meal, wine and dessert also you’re in the Eiffel Tower so nothing more worth it than that.
  • Boulangerie – yum and yum! This is where you buy all that bread you’ve been dreaming about before arriving in Paris. I also come to one of these to receive amazing but so simple ham and cheese sandwiches.
  • Le Petit Marche- the most amazing little spot in the back streets of Bastille. I had a great steak here.
  • Le Cafe du commerce- this place is the cutest restaurant. full of lush plants and just a site to see.


  • Mary Celeste- a cute little spot in the back streets of Bastille. Good for cocktails (:

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