10 day Expense trip from Italy and France

Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to do a blog post for others wanting to travel to Europe. France and Italy to be exact. While in France I stayed in Paris and Lyon, when in Italy I just stayed in Rome. Keep in mind these aren’t the cheapest places to travel but you can do it for “cheap” if you really want to be frugal on your trips.

Food/ Alcohol:

In 10 days I spent 937.77$ on food and alcohol but I also must say that I did not hold back. I went to the nicest restaurants and drank the best wine (usually a bottle) this price could easily be cut in half. They have Bouchons everywhere in Paris/ Lyon where you can get the meal of the day which includes everything for a small set price. Also they have amazing ham and cheese sandwiches in baguette shops that are very cheap. I could of easily gotten away with cutting this number in half, if not more on my trip.


Okay I’m dumb or something because with all my traveling and I don’t own a card that doesn’t have fees for foreign transactions. If you plan on traveling get a card with all the perks. I recommend chase reserve. I’m looking into it myself at the moment and it’s look pretty pretty. My fees for this trip were 28.72$ 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Or if you aren’t feeling the credit card, pull out cash before hand. There is still a transaction fee on currency exchange though.


Ugh why am I so extra right now. I want to kill myself for this number but I want to make it to Portugal so I won’t. My extras number came out to 1,041.60$ (my gawd, what was I thinking!) You might be thinking so what’s these extras? Well let me tell you. Perfume, (got to have that french perfume) oh and lingerie! Yes you need french lingerie right? Gifts for all my nieces and nephews, plus I through my mom and a friends b-day gift in there as well. I also made a lovely trip to the hospital in Rome, that was fun. I also added all cash removal from the ATM to the extras because I probably bought some stuff I’d thought I’d need someday. My plan for my next trip is to cut this number by 5! I will not be this extra on my trip I’m heading to now.


My flights and transportation number came to 792.79$ which is not bad at all! This is my roundtrip flight from SF to Paris. My train ride from Paris to Lyon. My flight from Lyon to Rome and my flight from Rome to Paris. I think I did good on this. How it works is you book months in advance. Websites to check Skyscanner, google flights, and I also use a service called nextvacay where they find me crazy cheap flights for a 25$ a year charge.


My accommodations number was only 515.50$ this is pretty cheap for 10 days. I recommend you look into hostels, Airbnb (private room will be cheaper than a whole place obviously and hoteltonight which is one of my favorite apps for finding the cheapest hotels that weren’t sold. Use my code MBLAIR39 to get 25$ off your first booked hotel. You’re welcome 😏

My grand total came to a whopping 3,316.38$ but as I said before this number can easily be cut in half! So don’t be scared to book something and take on a new adventure.

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