Lisbon, Portugal

My new favorite city. This city is such a hub full of amazing people, culture, exquisite food and top-notch cocktails. It’s the real city that never sleeps. I spent a week here roaming and getting lost in all the little streets. I have so many good memories of Lisbon, Portugal. If I ever moved out of the states this is where I would come.


Ugh, the street art is Portugal is insane. Other then this art the town of Lisbon is very clean. I would have loved to document a whole day of just capturing all the street art in Lisbon.


The colors of the streets here are remarkable. There is something everywhere you look. I wanted to buy everything and capture every street with my camera. Also some of the best places to get souvenirs or small gifts for friends or family. This is the city of cork. You can find anything made out of it which I thought was so cool.


Cascais, Portugal – a beautiful town by the water. I would love to see this place in the summertime. If you’re in Lisbon make the trip here. Its only 20 minutes by Uber and so worth it.

The food here is by far some of the best food I’ve ever had. I did not have one meal that I was disappointed in. They also have a wide range of different types of foods, unlike some countries where you just find one type and well that’s as far as they go. Not here! Options, options, options… which I’m a huge fan of. Above is a place called Sea Me. We were walking the streets one night and just decided on sushi and this was the closest to us. We walked there and definitely weren’t disappointed. The ambiance, service and food was nothing less of amazing. We were taking pictures of all their fresh seafood for my blog and the manager saw and took us down below where they kept the live seafood. We roamed around and got some great pictures.


The insolito: Great restaurant with tapas. we had the ceviche and for dessert, we had the hazelnut cream. so, so, so good! Please eat your dessert with their 20-year port! You won’t be mad about it.

A Cevicheria – Ugh the best ceviche. Fish is so fresh here. We did the taco, the sandwich, and the ceviche. Plus please try their pisco sours!

We also experienced pink street. its a must of course.

ZeroZero- great pizza and they cut the meat right in front of you for the cheese/meat board

Sea Me: Great sushi. Awesome service. I recommend sitting at the bar.

Pub Lisboeta- This was the neighborhood pub that we almost spent a few hours a night at every day. Always find a nice place close to home to relax at and have some familiar surroundings.

Somos um Regalo in Cascais – Some of the best chicken I’ve ever had. I never order chicken at a restaurant but since we came near the closing time this was all they were offering and I definitely wasn’t mad about it.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you’re thinking about heading here.


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